Pratyush Nalam
Designing Efficient Technology. Generating Sustainable Business.



Growing up in an increasingly connected world, I observed that technology is the bedrock of the world's progress forward and it is driven by enterprising individuals. As a budding software developer and aspiring entrepreneur, I firmly believe that the solutions to the various socio-cultural and environmental challenges faced by humanity have their foundations in robust and sophisticated technology combined with an efficient design, a sustainable business model and a humane touch. Wanting to impact the world in my own small way, I started my academic career with an undergraduate degree at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay majoring in Computer Science and Engineering and a minor in Management. Presently, I am a final semester graduate student in Computer Science at Columbia University in New York. I am a fiercely ambitious individual and a lifelong learner constantly learning from the people I meet and the things I observe everyday.



Being a CS major, it is and will always be my first love. Cloud computing, networking and machine learning are some of my primary interests. I also took business and economics courses during college as I sought to develop a more broad-minded outlook towards the world around us. Outside academia, I have quite a diverse range of interests. I do follow the technology industry a lot and many fascinating incidents have occurred which push the industry forward. Business, economics and politics interest me as well and I keep myself informed of the various developments.



If you want to reach out to me for any reason, the best way is to shoot an email to You can expect a reply within 48 hours. If you prefer the good old telephone, I can be reached at +1 (929) 249-2709.

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